I am in the process of reforming my online business, and decided that this blog is not going to be my priority, and thus decided to end this blog.

The main reason for this is that I am not yet an expert in SEO field and still have lots of things to improve on this. Many other good SEO info can be found on other resources and thus I felt that it’s a wise idea to end this blog.

Hope that you can find something useful from the archives, and thanks for your support all this while.

I will still share some webmaster tips (including some SEO) with my Webmaster Blog.

This blog post is some some SEO tips for Merapuman, who requested some Search Engine Optimization info. I will touch a bit on user experience as well.

My first idea of starting a blog or website is to have a clear topic in mind, and identify the potential and targeted readers for the topic.

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Darren Rowse from Problogger.net wrote the article… “How to Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines.”

Basically it’s an article about Search Engine Optimization. Most of the tips are not something new, but it’s comprehensive and easily understandable information that are worth a reading for newbie.

Leslie Walker wrote an interesting article at WashingtonPost about “How to Juice Up a Site’s Rank.”

It’s a simple article, easy for SEO newbie to digest. It mentioned a bit about the famous “v7ndotcom elursrebmem” SEO contest, while touching on some link building tactics to ‘game’ Google.

The article also mentioned the use of text link brokers to improve site rankings, and some basic idea for link baiting, which is to attract a lot of natural links.

For details, read the original article.

Stats from OneStats.com, popular web analytic in June 2006; about worldwide and country specific screen resolutions of Internet users.

The most popular screen resolutions on the web in the world are:
1. 1024 x 768 56.15%
2. 1280 x 1024 15.79%
3. 800 x 600 12.04%
4. 1280 x 800 4.09%
5. 1152 x 864 3.90%

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The format of your web page URL plays a part in Search Engine Optimization.

With the constant change of various search engine algorithm, it’s hard to determine the weight of the URL; but it certainly has influence in SEO and worth optimizing it.

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Linkbaiting is to attract people to link to your web page voluntary; and can be considered as an advance technique in Search Engine Optimization.

A single successful linkbaiting campaign can create tons of incoming links in a short period; an expert of linkbaiting often find themselves being on of the most popular webmaster in their niche, simply because everyone is referring to them as a good resource.

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Getting incoming links is essential for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it improves page ranking and thus give better chance to get a good Search Engine Results Position.

One of the easiest way to get incoming links is to submit to web directories; and if you are running a blog, start with blog directories.

Below are some of the blog directories that you can start with. Some of them are completely free, while some requires a reciprocal link. (Sorted by A-Z)

All-blogs.net - reciprocal link required
Blogdirs.com - reciprocal link required
Easy-seek.com - reciprocal link required
Easy-seek.net - reciprocal link required
Surrealblog.com - reciprocal link required

I will continue to update the list..

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