Google Page Rank (PR) is simply a representation by Google search engine as a specific value for webpage, with PR 10 being the highest while PR 0 the lowest.

Most webmasters confused PR as equivalent to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is not an accurate idea. The main factor of getting a good PR is to get back links to the webpage, both in terms of quality and quantity.

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SEOmoz have a comprehensive Beginner Guide to SEO.

The single page guide cover the essentials of Search Engine Optimization including the basis of SEO, search engine protocol, SEO techniques, SEO tools and guides to build a good website.

SEO is something that needs time to learn, unless you are planning to spend thousands of dollars to SEO consultants, it’s worth the learning effort.

I want to show you a great list of Search Engine Optimization tools, provided by

The tools are useful for code validation, keywords suggestions, ranking check, keywords analyzing, link popularity as well as marketing tools.

Newbies may find the number of tools overwhelming, and fact is most of the tools are not essential, but just to provide easier reference in some SEO matters.

SEOmoz compiled a good list of blogs to read about search and search marketing field.

Nowadays quite often SEO blogs are covering topic beyond Search Engine Optimization, including search marketing and copywriting.

SEO still works as a main traffic source for most websites, but a combination of community building, marketing and branding techniques will make a website really successful.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the skill or knowledge to boost a website into a good position in search engine results page.

There are some simple guidelines for essential SEO..

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If I’m going to share my tips and guide about SEO, I got to show that I have the expertise of doing so. Thus I set a few targets for this blog in terms of Search Engine Result Position.

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Welcome to Malaysia SEO Weblog, the blog about Search Engine Optimization for Malaysians in particular.

There are a few reasons for me to start this blog. I noticed the rising numbers of webmasters and bloggers in Malaysia but most of them lack copywriting skills and SEO knowledge to gain readership in the enormous World Wide Web.

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