Linkbaiting is to attract people to link to your web page voluntary; and can be considered as an advance technique in Search Engine Optimization.

A single successful linkbaiting campaign can create tons of incoming links in a short period; an expert of linkbaiting often find themselves being on of the most popular webmaster in their niche, simply because everyone is referring to them as a good resource.

Here are 6 useful tips to create successful linkbaiting.

1. Be the Expert

To be one of the best in your niche; it requires lots of knowledge and/or resources. People will like to learn from the best, at least to learn from those that are really good if not the best.

2. Be the First

Be the first to write about a specific news or event. It’s not as easy as it sounds, to be the first will require lots of knowledge and/or resources, as well as commitment and dedication to update frequently.

It’s not just limited to news or daily events though; if you are expert in some fields, you can write something creative that others haven’t thought of, that’s a first too.

3. Be Resourceful

If you can’t find a niche of your expertise, then at least you need to know where to find those info.

Quote from useful articles and give credits to the original articles; don’t be surprise by the appreciation shown by your readers for saving them time to look for good contents.

You can also create resources by yourself if you are a creative person or good in programming; things that can create linkbaiting effects are like free templates, free webmaster tools etc.

4. Be Fun

Be fun, humor and entertaining. If you can come out with something original, great! But if you can’t, then again, you need to know where to find it, read no 3.

5. Be Contrary

Go against all odds. I’ll use Angelina Jolie as an example… people are normally saying how beautiful she is; what you can do is to go for the opposite direction saying that she’s ugly and looks like a fish, I bet that will create some buzz.

6. Be Nasty

It’s a continuation of being contrary, what I mean of being nasty is to attack on someone that can response to your attack.

One of the classical linkbaiting technique is to start a blog war; write a blog post attacking some famous bloggers, and if the bloggers choose to retaliate they will probably link back to you in a hostile way, and the bloggers’ supporters might link to you saying that you are nasty *****. Don’t overdo it though.

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