This blog post is some some SEO tips for Merapuman, who requested some Search Engine Optimization info. I will touch a bit on user experience as well.

My first idea of starting a blog or website is to have a clear topic in mind, and identify the potential and targeted readers for the topic.

My first impression about the blog is I have no idea what the blog is about, and the title of the blog is not a good one for SEO purpose. Not many people will search about “Weird World” and definitely not “Merapuman.”

Use Overture Keyword Tool or other similar online resources to find useful keywords that are related to your website.

It’s recommendable to focus on a niche rather than building a general website. A fun blog sounds ok, but it’s not recommendable when you involved politics topic with it.

Also you will need a clear idea on your targeted readers; do you want to have Malaysia based readers or international readers? Using local dialects mixing with English is not the best idea if you want some international readers.

You need keywords in your blog title, post title, categories and within the content. Think about what visitors are going to search for in order to visit your site.

Learn to use different font format for keywords, like BOLD, ITALIC etc… use ALT text for your images.

Contents… you need more quality contents and more frequent posting. Especially for fun related topic, you can consider posting 2-3 post a day to attract more readers and to provide more contents for search engine crawler.

You need incoming links. Submit your blog to blog directories, request for link exchange from other blogs and websites. The quality of the incoming links often plays a greater role compared to the quantity.

Also it will be nice to have good anchor text for your incoming links, and that’s why you will need a good blog title at the first place.

To advance link building you will need to learn a bit about linkbait.

Contact me if you like further discussion.

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