Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the skill or knowledge to boost a website into a good position in search engine results page.

There are some simple guidelines for essential SEO..

Writing good contents

There are some common perspective for SEO and real readers to define ‘good contents’. Basic rules are that the content should be informative, unique and precise.

You might want to consider proper writings in terms of grammar and spelling for better reading experience. Do keep your content as simple as possible, avoid using fancy words unless you are writing a literature of some sort.

Use keywords

There are a few more tricks to write from SEO point of view..

Keywords condensity matters, meaning how often a keyword appear in your article. So instead of using ‘it’, ‘this’, ‘that’ etc., use the exact terms for what you are trying to refer. Example I am writing about SEO, I will try to use the terms SEO whenever applicable.

Try to diversify your keywords as well. Sounds irony as it work against keyword density factor, but you would like to have your website searchable for a variety of keywords. Example instead of using ‘SEO’, I can refer the term with ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and use other terms like ’search engine rankings’, ‘good search engine results’ etc to replace the use of the term SEO.

We need to balance the tactic of keyword condensity and diversification, and in both cases, don’t overdo it. In the end it’s real human visitors that’s going to read your content, you need to keep the flow of your writings.

Simple design and coding

Make your website design as simple as possible. Text contents matter the most for search engine, you want the search bot/spider/crawler to access your content ASAP.

Avoid using heavy graphic, avoid flash headers, avoid Javascript and avoid creating dynamic pages.

Meta tags

Many SEO experts are indicating that it’s time wasting to use meta tags, could be true. My point is however, that’s no harm setting up your meta tags, and it will cost very little time to do so.

It will be worth it if the meta tags do play a role in SEO, even if it’s a small factor. Every tiny contributions count in SEO, and often some tiny difference will determine if your page is going to rank well in search results position.

Do spend some time to set up proper website title, description and keywords meta tag.

Incoming links

Incoming links are as important as having good contents in SEO, as without incoming links, your website won’t be notice by search engine at all.

There are a few ways to gain incoming links. The basic tactic is to submit your website to related directories, link exchanges with topic related websites, and to link bait.

Link baiting is the technique to invite others to link to your webpage. It can be done by creating some really good content that people feels worthwhile to share with others. It also require some good social networking and marketing ideas.

Other than just links, anchor text is important for Search Engine Optimization as well. Anchor text is the text that are used to link to your website, it will be a more valuable link if it’s using keyword rich anchor text to link to your webpage.

Search Engine Optimization is something that’s easy to learn but difficult to master. If you are to venture into webmaster business, SEO is a must learn thing for you.

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