Welcome to Malaysia SEO Weblog, the blog about Search Engine Optimization for Malaysians in particular.

There are a few reasons for me to start this blog. I noticed the rising numbers of webmasters and bloggers in Malaysia but most of them lack copywriting skills and SEO knowledge to gain readership in the enormous World Wide Web.

I am not a copywriting expert, but do have experience and sufficient knowledge about SEO, thus started this blog with hopes that it will provide tips and guides for fellow Malaysians about the importance and skills in SEO.

Although the targeted readers are Malaysians, the tips and SEO tricks are applicable worldwide, international readers should gain a bit from this blog as well.

I have another more personal reason to write a SEO blog as well, that is to challenge the Malaysia SEO companies in Search Engine Result Position/Page (SERP). I will write about the idea in my next post.

A bit about the author

My name is Yein Jee. I’ve started in internet affiliate programs and website building since the dot com boom in 90s. I went into hiatus from internet business during my internet study, but started working freelance in engineering and internet related projects after my graduation.

I’ve been working as a freelancer for almost 4 years now. Throughout this period I’ve worked with some experts and semi-pros in website related projects, including designs, marketing, copywriting and SEO.

With the current worldwide trend, working in traditional jobs are probably not the only option anymore. There are so many opportunities online to explore, and as Malaysia currency are relative small (USD1=~RM3.60), a decent USD income can convert into good income in Malaysia.

That’s why I will love to encourage Malaysians and everyone to try their luck with internet business, and SEO is one of the skill that will be useful to your venture.. and that is what I am going to provide in this blog.

Welcome again, to Malaysia SEO Weblog!

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